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Our effecient services generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers in past 20 years.
Large Inventories
Our customers can get items quickly, we are keeps products in stock
Featured Products
Smoking set
Liquor & Beverage Package
Household Glassware
Glass Kitchenware
Smoking set
Handmade quality hookah    Machined hookah    glass bong
high borosilicate    bubbler    high borosilicate   
Hookah storage containers    Hookah bowls    Hookaj hoses    Hookah bases  Hookah smoke enhancers    Hookah stems    Hookah hoses Hookah foil  Hookah charcoal heaters 
Hookah mouth tips & filters    Hookah gromments  Hookah charcoal holders    Hookah clearing suppliers  Hookah tongs   
Hookah adapters & valves    Hookah wind covers  Hookah trays
Liquor & Beverage Package
red wine bottle    bordeaux    wiskey bottle    Tequila bottle 
rum bottle    vodka bottle    brandy bottle    milk bottle    juice bottle
stemware & goblet    wine decanter    Ice bucket    single bottle
clear wine set    hand carved electroplate wine set 
enamel flower wine set    carved decanter    wine carafe    bear cup
wine glass cup    glass mug
Household Glassware
Perfume bottle    reed diffuser    animal display    ashtray
suger & candy pot    bathroom ware    candle jar    turkish lamp
candle holders    glass vase    hurricane    spray color glassware
solid color glassware    printing & decals cup    glass plate
Glass Kitchenware
oil / vinegar dispenser    teacup set  glass water pitcher 
glass cup    glass measuring cup    glass double wall cup 
glass single wall cup    glass spice jar    glass beverage dispenser 
canister with metal shell    mason jar    drinking jar    food jar 
heat-resistant glass    table ware    glass bowl    ice cream cup
salad bowl    fruit plate